4 Best Crossbow Hunting Games In 2023

There are numerous best crossbow hunting games, including crossbow sniper and the hunter. You can download these games for free. Crossbows can be used to hunt small as well as giant animals.
By Rebecca Rios | Updated On December 31, 2022
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A Guide To Best Crossbow Hunting Games

Since the Stone Age, human beings have indulged in hunting and related activities as a part of their hobby. Although with time, modern technology has limited these practicable interests to screen use only. This new generation now uses technology to satisfy their cravings for games. One of these is the best crossbow hunting games. These games have succeeded draw to the attention of the gamer community especially. Crossbow seems to share with archery; although both are different, crossbows can share a pathway to introduce youth to archery.

I will share gripping information regarding the best crossbow-hunting games in this article. Apart from that, I will add supplementary information to clarify the idea about crossbow hunting games.

What Are The Best Crossbow Hunting Games?

You can play crossbow-hunting games on your PC, android, PlayStation, or Xbox; whenever you want. It doesn’t matters if you play games; either a small or a larger one, the crossbow is used for hunting in both types.

Often, people look for better graphics and details in crossbow-hunting games. There is a long list of crossbow games to play. I am making a list of crossbow hunting games, and this list includes some of the best crossbow games out of all crossbow games till now;

  • Deer hunter 2016
  • Crysis 3
  • The Hunter
  • Crossbow crusader

And, of course, the list continues.

01: Deer Hunter 2016

Deer Hunter 2016

The crossbow hunting games for free include Deer hunter 2016, as it is one of the best games yet. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the visuals; that the developers have provided to gamers and hunters. The game’s hype is understandable as it hooks up its players to their seats for hours. With unimaginable downloads, this game remains one the best games of this time. You can play this hunting game for free, and it can be downloaded on your android or your IOS system. This game is also available for PS4.

02: Crysis 3

Crysis 3

One of the crossbow games that are available for free is Crysis 3. However, this is not purely a hunting game. But it uses a crossbow with a lot of thrill and action. Reviews regarding this game encourage new users to try out this game for free. So, this game is worth the time.

03: The Hunter

The Hunter game

Whether you want to wander alone in the dusty woods or have a team of 7 accompany you on this adventure, you can have it. This free online crossbow hunting game is available for download on Microsoft Windows, PS4, and XBOX.

One of its salient features is that this game allows you to make a team of yours so that they can help you in hunting. This multiplayer mode is one of the great features among other online crossbow hunting games. You can select your team according to your specifications; the rest is fun.

04: Crossbow Crusaders

Crossbow Crusaders

Crossbow crusaders are amongst the other real crossbow games that various websites offer for PC and mobile use. This game is fortress-specific rather than a woody adventure. You can also play these crossbow games online 24/7. Your main target is to rescue the innocent citizens captured inside the fort.

There are numerous other hunting games with crossbow use, including;

  • Brutal Bunnyhop
  • Crossbow Sniper
  • Bow Hunter
  • the Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts
  • Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt, and so on.

Essential Crossbow Hunting Rules:

To play with crossbows is neither a piece of cake nor delicate equipment to handle. Some crossbow hunting rules for the game are as follows;

  1. Always aim for the vital organs. It is a pro tip for great shooting.
  2. Always be sure of the predator you are going to hunt. Look for the hurdles between you and your target.
  3. Always be the first to hunt down the prey, or you will be their TARGET!
  4. Try to shoot them so real that they jump off the screen.
  5. Go for the most tropical and exotic creatures.

Remember to compete for leaderboards and secure good positions.

Can You Hunt Small Game Animals With a Crossbow?

The hunting crossbow dual working makes it possible for use in the case of small game animals too. Crossbow allows you to get better at your aim of small and big game animals. However, more accuracy and forbearance are required to target small game animals. Only a quality crossbow with good precision and accuracy can serve the purpose of perfect shots.

What Animals Can You Hunt With a Crossbow?

Crossbows operate for large game species as well as small game animals. I am listing some of the animals for a clear understanding;

  • Large game animals like deer, hippocampus, bear, bighorn sheep, antelope, and elephant are available for hunting by crossbow games.
  • Small game animals like rats, turkeys, coyotes, squirrels, and rabbits can be better targets.

How Big Of a Crossbow Do I Need For Deer?

At moderate ranges, a 150 to 175 pounds crossbow is highly effective against whitetail deer. A crossbow with a minimum of 125 lbs is also available for recommendations. A single, accurate shot is enough for a hunter to take down the deer, just like a pro.

But please do notice that your single shot can injure the animal instead of killing it. So, hunt in the ground when the shooting skills are strong enough to penetrate the bolt into the animal’s organs. For animals, your shot should be fatal, not a practice shot.

Is a 150 lb Crossbow Good For Hunting?

One of the ideal crossbows for hunting is 150 lbs. Due to its pinpoint precision and range covering fast speed; it is perfect for hunting game purposes.

Animals like elephants and hippopotami require a crossbow of about 150 to 200 lbs. For rabbits, deer, and squirrels, a crossbow of 150 lbs is enough to hunt them down.

The range is one of the chief factors that should be considered while hunting. For example, a range of 60 yards is enough to make a kill and not more than this range.

What Is a Good FPS For Crossbow Hunting?

FPS indicates the feet per second range of the bolt released from a crossbow. FPS is a numeric value that shows how fast a bolt can travel when it is released.

If a hunter demands better hunting results, he/she must opt for a 250 FPS crossbow. The FPS of a bolt is never dictated accurately for a reason when the bolt leaves the bow, its speed starts to decrease, and its momentum slows down.

Modern crossbows have an FPS of 400. These crossbows are proving themselves to be a better version of previous ones.


Crossbow hunting in real and reel life strengthens its roots in all age groups. In addition, crossbow hunting games have been developed to provide realistic visuals to their users. On the contrary, crossbow seasons allow hunters to enjoy hunting seasons legally.

Hence, in crossbow hunting, you are not restricted to screens. You can physically go and hunt in the field. Enjoy your crossbow hunting game!


The year 2022 has nominated its top-of-the-line crossbow. One of the most expensive but worth-buying crossbows is Ravin’s R20. The unrivaled qualities of R20 make it difficult for other crossbows to compete with it.

One of the most captivating crossbow hunting games nowadays is The Hunter. Due to its salient features and exceptional qualities, this game is ruling over the other hunting games. The Multiplayer feature allows you to play like a team. Due to its availability on PC, PS3, and XBOX, it provides access to dozen gamers to play the game.

In many parts of the world, it is legal to use a crossbow for hunting purposes. However, to become a crossbow hunter, you must carry a permit or a license to practice legal crossbow hunting.

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