How To Build a Crossbow? A Detailed Guide To Homemade Crossbow

The query of how to build a crossbow at home is answered with numerous practical procedures. There are many ways of a DIY crossbow, including a wooden crossbow.
By Rebecca Rios | Updated On November 19, 2022
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How To Build a Crossbow?

Crossbow is one of the emerging branches of archery. Whether it is video games or hunting seasons, the crossbow is catching fame. The idea of using a crossbow in hunting is an old one. From the ancient Chinese to the medieval Europe era, from the Islamic world to the leisure use of crossbows, we can find multiple traces of human interest in archery.

This article will guide you on how to build a crossbow for your use. It will be a comprehensive guide to teach you all the methods to build your crossbow. So, without any extra details, let’s dig into our topic.

How To Build a Crossbow?

Before moving on to the main topic, you should know about the main parts of the crossbow. It will increase your knowledge and help you assemble your bow in no time. Some vital crossbow parts are mentioned below:

  1. Stock
  2. Scope
  3. Stirrup
  4. Cable
  5. barrel
  6. string
  7. serving
  8. trigger
  9. arrow retention
  10. arrow track
  11. cams and pulleys
  12. crossbow limbs
  13. limb pocket
  14. foregrip/front grip
  15. riser
  16. sight
  17. sight bridge 
  18. latch
  19. quiver 

These are some of the main parts that are crucial in manufacturing crossbows. The shape of crossbows is of grave importance as the main aim of arbalists is to shoot for longer distances.

The pulleys and cams are the parts of crossbows that allow the smooth release of the bolt. A horizontal bow attached to the stock; allows better recoil after the bolt is released. Nowadays, compound bows are the primary preference of hunters and crossbow users. For this reason, they have better efficiency in the case of stiffer crossbow limbs.

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How To Build Crossbow Bolts?

How To Build Crossbow Bolts
How To Build Crossbow Bolts?

Crossbow shoots projectiles at the targets. Those projectiles are called arrows or bolts. What’s a crossbow without crossbow bolts? Crossbow bolts or arrows are very similar to gun bullets. Their intricate design helps the hunter to get a lethal shot. However, their size is a bit smaller than the traditional arrows.

Here is how to build crossbow bolts. An aluminum shaft is generally lightweight, durable, and resistible during harsh environmental conditions. A stiff spine attaches to one end of the stick with a feathery look to give the bolt a swift movement during its flight. Two types of heads: field heads and broad heads are in use. Hunters choose the head type according to their preferences and requirements. The kinds of compound bows are usually metallic.

Wooden crossbows are beginner-friendly, so delve into making a wooden crossbow.

How To Make a Wooden Crossbow?

How To Make a Wooden Crossbow
How To Make a Wooden Crossbow?

Wooden crossbows are handy and easy to use. Most beginners prefer a wooden crossbow as it is cheap and easily feasible. 

The following material is required for the construction of a wooden crossbow:

  • wooden pieces of different sizes
  • PVC pipe
  • String

Here is the easy guide on how to make a wooden crossbow step by step;

  1. First, cut the stock and create a rectangular trigger hole for the trigger to be placed. One of the lengths is 38 inches. 
  2. Now cut the slot for attaching the string and for placing the bolt. The slot hole should be deep enough to allow the stock to fit in. 
  3. Now make the grip good enough for better handling. 
  4.  Attach the cams and pulleys.
  5. Add the string to the machine and test it. Place the string stock.
  6. Now make the trigger system and add it to the hole. For this, the wooden piece should be 1 inch in length.

The method mentioned above is usually applied at the market level. However, the following procedures are for DIY purposes. 

How To Make a Wooden Crossbow With Hand Tools?

A crossbow is a weapon that can be constructed at home with only hand tools. The procedure is simple, but prior knowledge about each step is important; otherwise, things can get complicated.

Some essential tools that are required to make a crossbow are listed below:

  • Wood purpose glue
  • Hardwood board
  • Springs
  • Nails

Hand tools required for the purpose:

  • Sandpaper
  • Sawtooth instrument
  • measuring tape
  • clamps
  • mallet 
  • chisels
  • knife
  • Drill machine
  • rotary tool 

The drills and rotary tools are the power tools that will help to speed up the work.

A proper stepwise guide for assembling a crossbow is cited below:

  1. It will help if you start cutting the mainframes and limbs from the wooden boards.
  2. Make identical limbs of equal sizes and shapes.
  3. The springs should have round corners to house the string.
  4. Start assembling the main frame parts. The gap should be minimal and glue every piece carefully and neatly. 
  5. With the help of two clamps, hold the surfaces together. Check the evenness of the surface with the aid of the level. Apply appropriate pressure, and tighten the clamps. 
  6. Remove the excess glue and allow it to dry.
  7. Next, you should make two halves of the stock and the trigger. 
  8. Cut the parts of the trigger mechanism and notch from the wooden board.
  9. If you have to thin your wooden pieces, use sandpaper.
  10. Shape the trigger, sand it and make a hole in it with the help of a drill machine. 
  11. Now attach the trigger to the stock with the help of nails and pins. 
  12. In the trigger area, do not use glue. 
  13. However, use the glue between the two made parts of the stock. 
  14. Now clamp them, clean the excess glue, and let them dry.
  15. Round the corners of the stock with the help of sandpaper. 
  16. After sanding, attach the frame and the stock with the help of glue. 
  17. Make the nylon springs and attach the limbs; use nails with the help of drilling to maintain the limbs in place. 

And yes, that’s how to make a homemade wooden crossbow with hand tools. You can also consider the following method to make a crossbow at home.

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A Homemade Crossbow:

It sounds strange to ask how to make a homemade crossbow out of household items. But believe me, even how to make a crossbow with pencils is possible. So, building a crossbow at home is no more a mystery. You can make a crossbow even if you have minimal resources at home. Making a homemade crossbow can be fun if you follow all the steps correctly.

Here is the list of homemade crossbow house supplies:

  • Pencils
  • rubber bands
  • pen 
  • tape

To make a crossbow at home, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Take four pencils
  2. With the help of the tape, attach two pencils.
  3. Now create a ‘T’ shape by joining the pencils with the help of duct tape. 
  4. Take a used pen and remove its inner parts like springs and tips. 
  5. Now, tape the hollow case of the pen on top of the pencils.
  6. Use a stretchy rubber band and place it from end to end of the pencils. 
  7. Wrap the central point of the rubber band together to give it a specific volume. 
  8. Do not tape the rubber band to the other components. 
  9. Place the rubber band with multiple folds between the hollow pen and the pencils on the top of the ‘T.’
  10. Put the ink strip of the pen back into the hollow cylinder. 
  11. Stretch the taped rubber band to the very end of the hollow pen from where you inserted the ink strip.
  12. Grab the rubber band along with the ink strip and release the rubber band.
  13. Now, hunt and have fun!

Powerful Homemade Crossbow:

Although hunters prefer to buy powerful crossbows from different companies; however, we can make one such powerful crossbow at home.

  1. Measure the wooden piece to make the stock.
  2. Not more than 1 meter, but the length should be such to provide comfort and grip while using. 
  3. With the help of a saw tooth tool, cut the extra length of the wooden piece. 
  4. Now locate the point for the trigger where you find ease. 
  5. Cut the area with the help of the drill and chisel. 
  6. Carefully cut the piece with the tools mentioned above.
  7. Use sandpaper to smooth the rough areas. 
  8. Make a small groove near the rectangular trigger area. It is to house the spring. Also, make a patch for the bolts.
  9. Sand both patches. 
  10. Make the grip 8 inches long and glue it to the bottom area of the stock.
  11. Leave the glued parts to dry.
  12. Varnish them with wood paint or sealer after the glue has dried completely.
  13. To make a bow, use a PVC pipe and cut it for about 36 inches in length.
  14. Make a slit at both ends of the pipe and place a screw that fits in.
  15. With the help of strings, attach the pulley to the PVC pipe. 
  16. After attaching the strings, test the bow. 
  17. Join the bow with the stock using tape, especially duct tape.
  18. Now make the trigger system with the wooden pieces, sand its edges, and assemble it with the stock.
  19. Make a handle and attach it to the stock.
  20. Test your crossbow. 

Although the process is time-consuming, you can enjoy your DIY crossbow with careful measuring.

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Homemade Crossbow Case:

You cannot buy crossbows over and over. You must possess a case for them to maintain their shape and integrity. Well, if you don’t feel like buying it, you can make one at home.

  • First of all, guide yourself with the help of images and sketches of a case. 
  • Now make a rough sketch and write measurements. 
  • You should be aware of the lengths of the bolts and crossbows for which you are making the case. 
  • Note down the possible height and width of the box. 
  • Take timber wood pieces and cut the pieces according to your measurements.
  • By using double-hole wedge plates, screw the parts together. 
  • Make bow holder hook and bolt holder hooks and glue them down on the inner surface of the case. 
  • Paint with wood varnish; after the varnish dries, place the foam material and glue it.
  • Add a handle and screw it on the opening side of the case. 
  • Also, place two lock hooks to maintain the lids together. 
  • Voila! The DIY crossbow case is ready to secure the crossbow and bolts.

Homemade Crossbow Target:

Homemade Crossbow Target
Homemade Crossbow Target

Follow the below-mentioned steps to make a homemade crossbow target:

  1. Stack several square-shaped medium-sized cardboards together to a specific width.
  2. With the help of straps, compress the layers. 
  3. Print the target circles on the paper and attach them with the nails to the cardboard. 
  4. Now take another cardboard box and fill it with old clothes and a towel. 
  5. Attach the above-compressed cardboard layers to one side of the box. 

Homemade Crossbow Bolts:

Bolts are one of the crucial components of the crossbow technique. Parts of the crossbow include:

  1. Crossbow arrow nocks
  2. shaft
  3. fletching

You can make homemade crossbow bolts, for which you need the following products:

  • glue
  • wooden shaft or stick
  • sandpaper
  • Half moon nock
  • tip sharpener
  • fletching 

A step-by-step guide to homemade crossbow bolts is elaborated on:

  1. Use the sandpaper to sand down the shaft. 
  2. With the help of a tip sharpener, sharpen one side of the shaft to give it a pointy look.
  3. Attach the nock to the back of the shaft.
  4. Now attach the fletching to the nock.

Homemade Crossbow Tripod:

The material you will need for this is:

  • Wood sticks
  • Piece of wood
  • Wooden sticks
  • White glue
  • Drill
  • Nails
  • Wire

The complete process of a homemade crossbow tripod is as follows:

  1. Drill the three sticks together, choose a piece of wood of the required size, and drill it together with the sticks.
  2. Hammer the rubber nails to the bottom of each stick to stabilize the stand.
  3. Drill holes in the sticks, pass the wire between each hole and loop the sticks.
  4. Add the four wooden stick pieces to the top of the stand and tet it.

Homemade Crossbow Gun:

Materials required:

  • Aluminum rod 
  • PVC pipe
  • Wooden plank
  • Wooden stick

A homemade crossbow gun is simple and can be made in no time. The stepwise process is mentioned:

  1. Cut the plank for the stock.
  2. Cut out a small notch for arrow sliding with the help of a chisel.
  3. Make a bow and arrow with the help of PVC pipe.
  4. Attach the bow to the stock.
  5. Use the aluminum rod or a metal bit. Bend it into the shape of a trigger with the help of the clippers.
  6. Attach the trigger to the stock and enjoy.


Hunters and crossbowmen aim for better crossbows for their leisure activities. In this article, I have included almost all the information on how to build crossbows at home. These techniques, as mentioned above, are convenient and cheap.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any practical tips that should be a part of my article, comment below.


Yes, it is possible to make a functional crossbow at home with the help of household supplies.

You can make a toy crossbow at home by using just pencils and rubber bands.

You cannot always carry a heavy crossbow while waiting for your target. For that purpose, it is wise to have a shooting rest.

Due to minimal shreds of evidence, it is unclear whether you can make a crossbow with paper. Since the prime focus of every hunter is a fatal shot, which is somehow impossible with a paper crossbow.

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