How To Make a Crossbow Easier To Pull Back?

Learn how to easily pull back your crossbow with our step-by-step guide. From using a cocking rope to incorporating a crank, discover the best methods for novice and experienced hunters alike.
By Rebecca Rios | Updated On January 3, 2023
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How To Make a Crossbow Easier To Pull Back?

Nowadays, crossbow hunting is emerging as one of the favorite leisure activities among people. But information regarding cocking and pull back is limited. Novice hunters are often found asking questions. In this article, you will learn some handy techniques for how to make a crossbow easier to pull. The main reason for a hard pull back of the crossbow is basically its weight and size. Sometimes we lack proper handling while using a crossbow, which results in poor accuracy and improper bolt firing.  

How to make a crossbow easier to pull back?

One of the basic rules for using a crossbow easily is to draw the crossbow as far as possible. It results in the fast and smooth traveling of the arrow or the bolt. Preparing a crossbow ready to fire is called to cock a crossbow.

Cocking a crossbow by hand can be tricky and a trial for people with less muscle strength and flexibility. This procedure demands a lot of legs, arms, and core energy. If you use muscles of the upper shoulder and back, it will cause a swift bolt firing. Back muscles are one of the necessary factors for easy and accurate bolt firing. So, if you trust your body’s strength, proceed with this method.


Cocking a crossbow by hand is less time-consuming. Another perk of this method is that no tools are needed to perform the function. Just keep the front of the crossbow on the ground. Lean and touch the strings. While doing so, you have to keep your feet in the stirrups. Now by using both hands, hold and lift the wire. Here, you must be careful to evenly pull the rope over the barrel. Otherwise, the thread will fix unevenly.

3 other effective methods to pull back a crossbow:

Several methods and devices are helpful in pull-back a crossbow. The following are some devices that you can use to make the process easier:

  1. Cock rope
  2. Crank
  3. Cocking aids

These devices help to prevent shoulder injuries while pulling the rope back. It also reduces pressure on the arms and legs and is helpful in the safe and comfortable pull-back of a crossbow. In this guide, I have elaborated on them one by one. So, continue reading the article.

Cock rope

One of the favorite ways to cock the crossbow is using the rope. This cock rope acts as a pulley system. It has two hooks that aid in pulling the weight. Place one of the hooks in the cocking groove and another one in the string of the crossbow. Avoid the extra length of the rope, as it can cause a dry fire. If you want to shorten the length, try to put a knot at an end.  

Prevent slacking in the rope, as it allows the hooks to fall out of the position. Pull the rope to the ‘safety’ until you hear the clicking sound. It is the sign to remove the cocking rope. So, remove the rope.


Many modern crossbows have an inbuilt cranking system. Although it is noisy and takes time and patience to load the crossbow, however, it is handy instead of manually cocking the bow. Most of the cranks come with an option to shut down the sounds. It allows better room for elasticity for the string. It also decreases the exertion placed on the muscles. Bolt shots are stable and uniform when you use a crank. 

In this process, fix the crank to the crossbow. You can seek help from the manual or follow the manufacturer’s instructions. A click sound will be heard when the string is adjusted. Now, switch on ‘safety’ and turn the handle on.

Cocking aids

It is the form of cocking device that allows less toil on the body. These cocking aids work in a similar method as that of a cocking rope, except there is no need to pull the string backward by using your hands. You can use the lever by just rotating it. Hence, cocking aids require less strength to cock a crossbow.

What is an easy way to pull back a crossbow? (Beginners friendly)

Using a crossbow is a piece of cake to the audience. However, it is not the case. It requires you to follow even minor instructions and details to use the crossbow accurately; otherwise, you will miss the target. Plenty of modern crossbows are heavy and tricky to use. Therefore, before purchasing a crossbow, you should know its weight and size to match your requirements.

If you follow these easy steps, they will surely make you a pro archer in no time: 

  1. As a precaution for dry fire, place the ‘safety’ in the fire position. Do not switch off safety even if the bolt is not loaded in the crossbow. The dry fire can cause damage to the crossbow. 
  2. Either use a cocking device or manually pull the string back to ensure consistent and swift shooting of the bolt. 
  3. Switch off the fire position of ‘safety’ after you have placed your crossbow.
  4. Yay! You are ready, all set for an adventure.

For beginners, it is advisable to follow the process to achieve better results. The crossbows for beginners are easy to go with and provide accurate bolt firing.

Is a recurve crossbow easier to pull back?

A recurve crossbow is one of the perfect choices for silent hunting. As it is easier to cock the recurve crossbow, many hunters prefer it over compound ones. Well, recurve crossbows are lighter in weight too.

Recurve crossbows allow the string to stay in place, and both ends point toward the target. It has fewer parts for maintenance, making it easier to use. Also, recurve crossbows have good accuracy and bolt firing. Due to its simplicity, most hunters use this kind of bow. For beginners, a recurve bow is an excellent choice as it is convenient. It has an adjustable cocking system and auto safety mechanism that ensures excellent working.

However, one of its drawbacks is the frequent changing of the string/cord, as it is less durable. The recurve bow has long limbs, which gives it a large diameter. Hence, it offers less power as compared to the compound crossbow. 

The Bottom Line

While concluding how to make a crossbow easier to pull back, I would like to add up the fact; whatever method you use to cock or pull back a bow, there are always pros and cons in each method. All you have to do is to prioritize your specifications regarding crossbow pull-back. This way, it will be easier for you to select a pull-back procedure.

Cocking ropes are user-friendly, but the length should be chosen wisely according to the size of the crossbow. Cranks are inbuilt and easier but are noisy and time taking. Manual cocking is also an effective and time-saving option but demands extra muscle strength. So, it is up to you to choose whatever method suits you concerning your crossbow. Always follow the proper steps to ensure safety. Pull back your crossbow and enjoy the hunting season.


Most crossbows take a lot of energy to pull back manually. But with a cocking rope or cocking device, you can cock a crossbow effortlessly. Using bare hands offers better speed but more effort and poor accuracy. So, choose accordingly.

It is somewhat hard to cock a crossbow this way. Cocking a crossbow with the hand can cause uneven pressure on your arms and shoulder muscles. So to prevent muscular injury, it is advisable to use a coking aid such as; cocking rope.

Pulling a crossbow back with ease and comfort requires pulling both ends of a crossbow in opposite directions to create the elastic effect. It allows far-range bolt shooting.

Ensure that the ‘safety’ is in the fire option/position. Otherwise, it will not allow a shooting option for the bolts.

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